the best occupational therapy activites for the elderly

Occupational therapy for elders can be vital for extending independence and improving their life overall. Occupational therapy is a treatment plan that incorporates meaningful activities to promote participation in everyday life and allowing the patient to better their health. Occupational therapy services are great for those within the elderly community and there are several great occupational therapy related activities for the elderly.

One of the most common occupational therapy activities for elderly is simply walking. It seems hard to believe, but walking is actually one of the number one most common occupational therapy activities for elders. It promotes muscle growth and allows joints to move freely. It also allows the patient to get much-needed exercise while they are rehabilitating from their injuries or illness.

Another common occupational therapy activity is for those who have trouble dressing due to illness practice dressing and learn the most efficient ways to get dressed. Some ways that elders that are enrolled in an occupational therapy program can get dressed are changes to their clothing such as velcro instead of buttons and velcro instead of shoelaces that can cause trouble for the elderly.

These are the two most common occupational therapy activities for the elderly community and they both have great benefits for those who are in the process of rehabilitation. The elder patient is sure to be in great shape with the continued help of these occupational therapy activities and other therapy tools.